Bob McCaw

Bob McCaw started making photographs in 1965 as a young US Army officer stationed in Korea.   For Bob, the lens captures unique perspectives, creating a window into life's missed details.  From the landscape of a weathered face to the unlikely tranquility of an urban park, Bob's camera makes us aware of what we do not ordinarily see.  In capturing the small moments of life, Bob's artfully rendered photograph offers us the opportunity to step away from the cacophony of vision, giving us pause to reflect, to absorb, to understand, and thus to be alive to possibilities otherwise unknown.

Although the camera expands our vision, equally potent is its capacity to reveal the subtlest nuances of daily life.  When familiarity obscures both sight and insight, the camera lens refocuses our vision.   Intimate moments with the faces we encounter, the routines at the local bus stop and the inequities that surround us have far greater power to touch our souls than images of foreign disasters.

Bob's work was included in the Moment of Recognition exhitition curated by Amy Arbus at the education gallery of the International Center of Photography in New York.  See

Bob's wife Calli is also a photographer --   They live in Manhattan and Hawaii.